[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

Robert lists07 at abbacomm.net
Sat Aug 8 19:22:11 UTC 2009


concern is good and you are right about how CentOS people should have a
solid testimony for the projects "big picture"

the thing is that since day one, as near as i have experienced and can tell,
most of them have many years of "rock solid CentOS work" as a testimony.

rock solid!

we haven't had one *MAJOR* issue with anything the Dev Team has put out
since day one and that is across versions 3, 4, and 5.

all of the servers have been online 24/7 for years.

that is one incredible CentOS group testimony.

yet, the people that are *poking the bears* (tm) in the CentOS Dev team
should put up or shut up and need to work on as good a testimony in thier
work lives and in their postings.

some time ago, i wanted to see if our organization would be a good fit to be
of assistance and i was politely told that what is required is "to do
work"... i.e., *get work done* and possibly join the team...

one need to really prove themselves that they have what it takes with little
to no handholding.

... and not just flap their typing gums on the list

please stop poking the bears...  ;->

it isnt productive and many of you that are critical of CentOS and the
people running it should just move on and go away as asked

 - rh

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