[CentOS] ASP Pages?

Rich Huff rich at richhuff.com
Mon Aug 10 15:33:32 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-08-10 at 08:26 -0600, Warren Young wrote:
> ML wrote:
> > 
> > Is there any way I can host his site on my Linux Server? Without re- 
> > writing it for him....
> There used to be a project called ChiliSoft ASP that did this, but it 
> appears that Sun bought them and then killed the product.
> As John R. Pierce noted, if his site is actually using ASP.NET, and not 
> the old original ASP, it may be that Mono could help you, as long as his 
> code isn't digging too deeply into Windows specifics.
> If it does end up that you really need a rewrite, Apache::ASP runs fine 
> on CentOS and uses the same sort of programming model:
> 	http://apache-asp.org/
> It's not moved forward in quite a while, and it uses Perl as its 
> programming language instead of Visual Basic, but it's perhaps got the 
> the lowest barrier to entry for your friend.

I had great success converting ASP to PHP for a rather large site.
There are some tools out there that help with the process, but you have
to look at what they produce, and occassionally fix some code manually.


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