[CentOS] A bit more on the Firefox 3.5.issue

William Warren hescominsoon at emmanuelcomputerconsulting.com
Tue Aug 11 00:03:10 UTC 2009

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> On 8/10/09, Ron Blizzard <rb4centos at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I set up a CentOS desktop computer for my brother and his kids. When
>> Firefox 3.5 came out he decided to download and install it like he
>> would Windows (he doesn't yet understand the repository system). He's
>> been telling me that it works fine, even though I was skeptical due to
>> my experience with Firefox 3.5 on CentOS 5.3. Then today, he says,
>> "Oh, by the way, the CentOS computer has been rebooting itself every
>> now and then." What?! (This is where he is in Linux -- doesn't realize
>> that it's not like Windows, that it's not supposed to reboot
>> randomly.) "Does it do it when you're in Firefox?" "Yes."
>> He's okay, though, just a matter of uninstalling his home root version
>> of Firefox -- I've been updating his computer with yum, so he still
>> has the newest *repository* release of Firefox also.
>> At any rate, just to let everyone know, whatever the issue is with
>> Firefox 3.5 and *some* CentOS 5.3 computers (an Xorg graphics card
>> incompatibility issue?) -- it goes beyond the RPM package released by
>> Michael Harris. As for myself, I'm just going to wait for the
>> repository Firefox 3.5 upgrade.
> Ron: My Desktop is dual boot. M$ WinXP Home and CentOS 5.3 (32 bit). I
> rarely use M$ Windows, but yesterday I needed to use it, and I was
> offered an Update for Mozilla Firefox. What was offered was not 3.5.
> It was 3.0.13 as I recall. I updated to 3.0.13.  Like you, I will wait
> until yum update finds Firefox 3.5.  And, on the Windows side, I will
> wait until they offer it to me. Having the "latest and greatest" is
> not always the best idea. My 2 Pesos....   Lanny
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firefox won't release 3.5 via auto upgrade you'll have to do that leap 

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