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Bassu bashukhan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 15:45:18 UTC 2009


I was seeing the FSF's GNU site and noticed that CentOS was included as the
proprietary or unendorsed distribution and not as the one following their
free software distribution guidelines. So my question is, is it really not
possible to comply with them or are we just not willing to!
I think by default all software comes (at least with the server stuff) is
free on CentOS but though not sure about that kernel "blob" thing!


*All of the distributions listed on this page fail to follow the guidelines
in at least two important ways:*


   *They do not have a policy of only including free software, and removing
   nonfree software if it is discovered. Most of them have no clear policy on
   what software they'll accept or reject at all. The distributions that do
   have a policy unfortunately aren't strict enough, as explained below.*

   *The version of the kernel Linux that they distribute includes blobs:
   pieces of object code, distributed without source, usually to help operate
   some device.*


*We're not aware of problems in CentOS aside from the two listed above:
there's no clear policy about what software can be included, and nonfree
blobs are shipped with Linux. Of course, with no firm policy in place, there
might be other nonfree software included that we missed.*



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