[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

Ian Murray murrayie at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 12 00:38:57 UTC 2009

I believe it is better to make 

a different choice of distro, than to ask for substantial changes in the 
current one, especially if other people should do that extra work for you.

Believe what you like, but I believe it's better to raise my concern for discussion in the first instance. For the most part, I am happy with CentOS. I am only trying to suggest how the product may be improved, in my opinion. Why shouldn't I ask for what I like, as long as I am polite? I am not obliging any one. Besides, as has been said before, what I speak of must have merit because there is clearly been an internal discussion about it.

As for using another distro, *of course* that is what I am researching, how are problems solved elsewhere ,etc.

Oh hang on a minute, I am reading too much into what you say.... Now that I think about it, I get what your saying "if you don't like it, then push off somewhere else". Great.

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