[CentOS] vpn

Max Hetrick maxhetrick at verizon.net
Wed Aug 12 01:53:32 UTC 2009

chloe K wrote:

> Where remote and local address and subnet I can put for vpn 
> configuration in linux box?

A little more information would probably be best before anyone can help 
you. Do you already have a VPN server/device running that you're trying 
to connect to? For instance, are you connecting to a specific VPN 
device? Or what?

If you're looking for both a VPN server/client, check out OpenVPN. It's 
SSL based. RPMForge has the RPMs to install the packages from. You can 
do a yum search to see what you can find...

yum search vpn

You can do things through IPSec as well. I suggest checking out the 
docs. But it's hard to say what you're looking for with the limited 
information you provided.



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