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Ian Murray murrayie at yahoo.co.uk
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This applies to 5.X as it stands, as 4.X. Once RH 5.4 hits the streets, then CentOS 5 users will be in the same boat.  I would hope nobody feels they are getting beaten up about this. The intention is not to beat anybody up. Anyway, I am going to try *really* hard not to post on the matter again (I said that yesterday, but I am going to try *harder*) because I am just repeating myself now, which may come across as brow-beating.

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Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> I didn't 'get' the security implications of the rebuild stuff til it was explained to me the other day.
> Share the knowledge:) Aside from the delay involved while the devs build rpm's
> from the srpm's, is there more to it?

It's been covered already.  When RH does a point release, CentOS has to match 
the full rebuild before any more security updates go out for some unavoidable 
technical reasons.  RH 4.8 
still isn't matched in CentOS, so no security updates in the 4.x line since May. 
  But, if you want to be up to date you probably shouldn't be running a 4.x 
release anyway - so other than stating the facts I wouldn't want to beat anyone 
up over this particular issue.

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