[CentOS] Dangerous Software Raid instructions on Wiki

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> On Wednesday 12 August 2009, Ray Van Dolson 
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> > > My successor at my previous job has gleefully followed those 
> > > instructions (he seriously needs a clueby4 which is why 
> he bothers 
> > > to actually read HowTos) and on a production box (who 
> wants pop-corn 
> > > and soda? Sorry, the er support conversation will not be 
> on irc) and 
> > > I think this seriously highlights the need for HowTo writers to 
> > > seriously consider their audience as dumb monkeys that 
> just follow 

Confusing sarcasm aside, there is value to not having high damage command able
to be so easy to copy, paste, destroy.

How about /dev/sdX /dev/sdY and call it a day.

> > > whatever you tell them to do without thinking if you do 
> not list out 
> > > things they first have to think about or questions they 
> first need to answer.
> I think this seriously highlights the need to hire competent 
> system administrators.
> The reason you want to wipe the beginning of the drive is 
> that some fake-raid controllers write crap to the drive and 
> if you leave it there some linux installers (anaconda, at 
> least) will install dm-raid using that info rather than setup 
> md raid using normal linux conventions. Which is exactly what 
> that section of the instruction says. My kickstart scripts do 
> the same thing and for the same reason.
> Let me be even more clear - if your successor doesn't know 
> what dd does, or what drives correspond to /dev/sda and 
> /dev/sdb in the box he's working on, he has no business being 
> within 10 feet of a production server without careful supervision.

within 10 feet of a production server WITH OR without careful supervision.

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