[CentOS] A bit more on the Firefox 3.5.issue

David G. Miller dave at davenjudy.org
Wed Aug 12 16:56:23 UTC 2009

Ron Blizzard <rb4centos at ...> writes:

> I hadn't logged into Fedora for about ten days -- which was the last
> time I updated it. I updated it again today and it already had 315
> Megs of updates. I think Fedora is a good distribution, but I don't
> think I would want that kind of upkeep traffic. (Which is one of the
> reasons I use CentOS.)
> I think it's interesting that Ubuntu 9.04 hasn't gone to Firefox
> 3.5.x. Its newest upgrade installed Firefox 3.0.13.
I've been playing with Fedora and Ubuntu on my desktop and laptop since this
past Spring when I took a couple of network security classes at the local
community college.  Seemed like almost every tool took a more recent version of
something than is currently shipping with CentOS.  I don't really like the
instability and high change rate with Fedora but I got really tired of needing
to build several libraries as well as the application under /usr/local when the
same application would cleanly build or install under FC or Ubuntu.

SIGH.  The choice is always bleeding edge (and take your lumps) or stability but
missing the most recent versions.  I'm looking at a career change (or mid-life
crisis) with the network security classes.  I'm not finding that I enjoy
software development (what I've been doing since 1980) the way I did back when.


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