[CentOS] cups / cli stopped print jobs problem

Blackburn, Marvin mblackburn at glenraven.com
Thu Aug 13 14:51:07 UTC 2009

Thanks for the help.  There is a way to get the information, but its
Was hoping for a more straight forward method.

If a printer is down, I can us lpstat -l printer name to determine if a
job is stopped, but I could not figure out a way to easily determine the
status of jobs in the queue, such as stopped, processing, queued.

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> On occasion, we get a printer that becomes disabled, and jobs begin to
> queue up.  When the issue is resolved, we re-enable the printer and
> usually all the jobs print out.
> However, sometimes the first job never prints, but the others do.  The
> cups interface shows the job is stopped. IfI restart the job in the
> interface, it prints.
> Is there a way to determine, via the command line,  if a print job is
> the stopped state, or a queue has jobs in this state.  Also, is there
> way to restart the job if its stopped.

lpstat	-- printer, queue, and job status
lp	-- queue or alter print jobs
cancel	-- cancels print jobs

Documentation is available:

man lpstat
man lp
man cancel

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