[CentOS] DNS Server Recommendations

Robert Spangler mlists at zoominternet.net
Sat Aug 15 12:42:16 UTC 2009

On Friday 14 August 2009 23:31, Hugh E Cruickshank wrote:

>  > If you are worried about valid config then you should be using
>  > the tools that
>  > come with Bind instead of relying on some third party software.
>  >
>  > named-checkconf for checking the configuration of Bind
>  > named-checkzone for checking the zone file.
>  >
>  > There are man pages for both that explain how to use them.
>  I will check those out but what about the ease of use factor. Would
>  you suggest something like webmin over had tailoring the config files?

'Ease of use' is subjective.  I find them very easy to use and the man pages 
should be able to direct you.

As to would I suggest a program, I prefer to do things by hand when it comes 
to DNS.  The reason for this is so that I understand the internal workings 
and how things are setup.  I am able to log into a server and look at the 
config files and understand how this server is working.  Should the front end 
program be programmed with an unforeseen bug, I am still able to fix what the 
program has broken and keep my services up and running until the bug is 

I am the DNS support person for my companies global DNS infrastructure. The 
company I work for uses Men & Mice as it's front end and I am thankful for 
this.  The amount of DNS changes done daily is staggering and this tool helps 
a lot.  I do not have experience with other DNS front ends.

If I were supporting a small DNS setup (a hand full of domains that the 
records do not change often) I think I would prefer to do this by hand.



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