[CentOS] Optimizing NFS over loopback

Ruslan Sivak russ at vshift.com
Wed Aug 19 03:55:44 UTC 2009

Eugene Vilensky wrote:
>> Things are working, but seem pretty slow.  I'm getting about 10mb/sec.
>> I was wondering where the bottleneck could be?  Is there a way to
>> optimize the NFS service for better throughput?
>> I am accessing over
> Are the server and client coming from the same back-end spindles (I
> realize this is localhost)?  How many spindles are involved?
> If you are reading/writing to the same disk(s) expect seeking to eat
> up the vast majority of potential throughput unless you have a total
> pool of sufficient IOPS.
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One server is a single drive and a second server has two 300gb 
velociraptors mirrored on a Dell Perc 5/i. 

Either way I should be getting higher speeds.  I'm getting about over 
100MB/s when testing /dev/sda3 with hdparm. 

Is there a test I can do to eliminate the disks as a bottleneck?  Maybe 
set something up in RAM?

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