[CentOS] virt-manager crashes Host during installation of guest

Bernhard Gschaider bgschaid_lists at ice-sf.at
Wed Aug 19 12:52:52 UTC 2009

Thanks for the replies so far.

>>>>> On Wed, 19 Aug 2009 11:06:08 +0100
>>>>> "MMG" == Marcelo M Garcia <marcelo.maia.garcia at googlemail.com> wrote:

    MMG> Bernhard Gschaider wrote:
    >> Hi!
    >> I have the following problem: I have a server (CentOS 5.3
    >> x86_64) on which I want to install a virtual Xen-machine
    >> (CentOS 5.3 x86_64), I ssh from my workstation (Centos 5.3
    >> x86_64 .... do you see the pattern ;) ) to that server and
    >> start the virt-manager. I create a new Guest (Paravirtualiuzed)
    >> and point it to the server with the installation files (CentOS
    >> 5.3, but I already said that). The manager creates the disk
    >> image an then opens the Graphical console for
    >> installation. Sometime around the point where the installation
    >> program wants me to select the keyboard the graphical console
    >> it freezes. The server is completely dead (no console, no disk
    >> activity, no ping, only a reset will "repair" it)
    >> My question: am I doing something stupid? But I figured
    >> "They're all the same system, this must work"
    >> I don't want to play around with it too much as the server is
    >> also our file-server and people start complaining.
    >> So any hint will be greatly appreciated (otherwise I'll have to
    >> setup another machine for the guests)

    MMG> I use the virt-manager, but I always use a kickstart to do
    MMG> the installation and I never had problems.

This (and other replies) lead me to two possible culprits:
 - either the graphical console over X11 is not a good idea (but I
   can't imagine that, it shouldn't shoot the kernel)
 - I always installed as a paravirtualized machine, Could it be that
   the install-kernel on the 5.3-media is not aware of this and somehow
   manages to shot the host (because I noticed that most recipies on the
   net, including http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Xen/InstallingCentOSDomU
   never talk about paravirtualized (so I assume they use a fully
   virtualized guest)

I will try these later today (when people left the office and no one
will complain about server downtimes)


BTW: Just one fundamental question: as the upstream OS vendor is
switching his virtualization to KVM anyway, is it a good idea to
forget Xen and use KVM (in other words: is it stable enough for
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