[CentOS] How to tell if I've been hacked?

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Christopher Chan wrote:
> Scott Ehrlich wrote:
>> There is a lot of talk about the vulnerable Linux kernel.   I'm
>> wondering the telltale signs if a given system has been hacked?
>> What, specifically, does a person look for?
> rpm -Va is a good start for modified binaries/libraries.
> rootkit detectors is another thing you can try.
> Other than that, it is checking your logs and looking for odd files 
> lying around...

Also, processes running that you don't recognize.  Users you don't
recognize.  Logged in sessions that you don't recognize.  Free space
shrinking abnormally.  An increase in bandwidth usage that is


Also processes you thinkk you DO recognize:
Just for testing how alert my co-workers were, i had a program called
"kswapd", just calculating prime-numbers...
They never noticed. ;-)

Without any preperation it's harder. No point in installing tripwire,
activating apparmor/selinux afterwards.
Those things should be done after a fresh installation.

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