[CentOS] p800 and HP

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Fri Aug 21 16:46:41 UTC 2009

On Friday 21 August 2009, Mag Gam wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone here has experience with HP MSA60 with P400
> and P800 controller.  How reliable are they for a 24x7 shop?

We have a few (p800). My opinion is that they're acceptable but not fast. 
We've had one flaky controller in 30 controllers in a year (but I think that 
one turned out to be a loose PCI-slot).

On the plus side:
+ does raid6
+ smartarray logical drives are a lot more flexible than most other raids
+ monitoring built on hpacucli, works, clear and consistent behaviour
+ just works on CentOS
+ no problem with large devices (for resonably new versions of fw/driver)
- not terribly impressive speed wise
- /dev/cciss/cXdY... can be problematic when software assumes /dev/XXX
- hpacucli requires you to twist your brain sideways (syntax)

All my experience with the p800 is from DL185g5 with 12x1T drives.

We also have a few random p400's. They behave idenically to the p800 but 

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