[CentOS] p800 and HP

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Fri Aug 21 17:40:24 UTC 2009

Am 21.08.2009 um 19:08 schrieb Peter Kjellstrom:

> On Friday 21 August 2009, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>>> We have a few (p800). My opinion is that they're acceptable but  
>>> not fast.
>> Heard this a few times now, in the interest of getting something  
>> better
>> next time, what have you found equally reliable but faster?
> Nothing as cheap as a full dl185 that's for sure unless you count  
> SUNs thor
> (thumper ng) machines but then you'll have to do the raid part in  
> software
> somehow.

Yeah, but that is as easy as
zpool create tank raidz2 dev1 dev2 dev3 dev4 dev5 dev6 etc.
zfs create tank/bigdisk

But I'd go one step further and use one of SUNs OpenStorage devices.
Once you have a lot of  no-name JBOD SATA-drives, the inability of  
Solaris to light-up the yellow light of the broken one will make it  
painfully obvious that while one can spend to much on storage, one can  
as easily spend too little...

If you really want to go with a HW controller, try Areca or the high- 
end 3Ware models.

As mentioned in any ZFS document, when you use a HW-raidcontroller,  
the OS never knows if a drive is broken or showing errors. The HW  
hides that from the OS.
You have to have closed-source drivers like the HP utils to tell you  

If your data-set will, over the lifespan of that server, never grow  
beyond the original size of the array, then you can go with a HW- 
Otherwise, go ZFS.


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