[CentOS] fasttest mirror -doesnt seem to pick sites near my region

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sun Aug 23 01:53:49 UTC 2009

tech wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> What I get is unknown (with our current version).  When unknown, it
>> passes a list of high bandwidth machines.
>> I will get and build a newer version of the GeoIP database and see if I
>> can get a better result.
> I reported a problem like this much earlier.
> I am in Hong Kong. Mirror selects .TW sites for me. BUT, although .TW is 
> close the actual data transfer between there and here is very slow.  I 
> learned almost 20 years ago not to do transfers from there.
> I excluded all .TW sites in the .CONF file. This wasn't working so good. 
> I noticed that almost all of the sites listed were .EDU.TW so I changed 
> my exclusion to just the .EDU.TW sites. I now live with this exclusion.

OK, the original problem is fixed in that we now have a better database.

WRT what is considered fast for a given country, I will publish what we
currently use, and have the community tell us if it is working or not.
I will do this on another thread.

One thing to consider is countries where we actually have mirrors as
well.  It will all be in the new thread.

Johnny Hughes

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