[CentOS] Tomcat 6 and Java 1.6

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Tue Aug 25 16:43:57 UTC 2009

>>> I did a yum -y install tomcat5 and tomcat got installed with openjdk.
>>> somehow if I goto http://localhost:8080 
>>> I am unable to get to the tomcat default site.
>> Correction. I got to a blank page. 

> Do a 'yum search tomcat' and note that there are several packages. If 
> you want the admin site and sample webapps you have to install the 
> corresponding packages.

Results as follows:-

=============================== Matched: tomcat
jakarta-commons-collections-tomcat5.i386 : Jakarta Commons Collection
                                         : for Tomcat5
mod_jk-ap20.i386 : Tomcat mod_jk connector for Apache 2.0.x
mod_jk-debuginfo.i386 : Debug information for package mod_jk
mod_jk-manual.i386 : Tomcat mod_jk connector manual
mod_jk-tools.i386 : Analysis and report tools for mod_jk
struts-webapps-tomcat5.i386 : Sample struts webapps for tomcat5
tomcat-native.i386 : Tomcat native library
tomcat5.i386 : Apache Servlet/JSP Engine, RI for Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 API
tomcat5-admin-webapps.i386 : The administrative web applications for Jakarta
                           : Tomcat
tomcat5-common-lib.i386 : Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container
                        : (part)
tomcat5-jasper.i386 : Compiler JARs and associated scripts for tomcat5
tomcat5-jasper-javadoc.i386 : Javadoc generated documentation for
tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api.i386 : Jakarta Tomcat Servlet and JSP implementation
tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api-javadoc.i386 : Javadoc generated documentation for
                                 : tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api
tomcat5-server-lib.i386 : Libraries needed to run the Tomcat Web container
                        : (part)
tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api.i386 : Jakarta Tomcat Servlet implementation classes
tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api-javadoc.i386 : Javadoc generated documentation for
                                     : tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api
tomcat5-webapps.i386 : Web applications for Jakarta Tomcat

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