[CentOS] saslauthd

Michael Kress kress at hal.saar.de
Wed Aug 26 12:05:30 UTC 2009

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>>> 2) saslpasswd2 -c -a mail -u mail testuser
>> That's a typo - the user is testomat.
>> But, with the same result. :-(
>>> 3) testsaslauthd -u testomat -p <mypassword> -s smtp -r mail
>>> shell output of testsaslauthd:
>>> 0: NO "authentication failed"
> You are mixing things. saslauthd and sasldb are exclusive: either use one
> or the other (at least on CentOS).

ok - I think we're coming closer to the point.
It will certainly be sasldb2, because I have an old machine with SMTP AUTH
users who are contained in /etc/sasldb2
I want to transfer these users to the new machine without having them to
assign new passwords.
Given the scenario that I copy the old /etc/sasldb2 to the new machine,
how could postfix there authenticate these SMTP AUTH users?

> On CentOS sasldb can only be used as a plugin by auxprop mechanism. You
> will have to decided for one way to store your credentials.

see above - the decision is already taken by the fact of the migration.


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