[CentOS] Yum update from repo server

Morrien, Rob rob.morrien at eds.com
Wed Aug 26 13:00:31 UTC 2009


I build a local centos repo server, I am able to deploy systems from
this centos repo server  and I have also updated the etc/yum.repos.d
The base and update files are changed to  the new repo server ip adress.

I am able  to do yum clean all and yum update  to my new installed
client deployed servers  from my new local repo server
My local deployed servers build from this local reposerver are updated

If I have a pc running with centos which I updated from centos 5.2 to
5.3  with yum update some weeks ago,  and I use the same repo config
from the local deployed repo server .  But I get now evrytime an url
error. And the error is telling me that the url can't be found.

If  I copy the url' into a' browser  I get the correct file. It looks
like to me' that all centos machines which are upgrade from 5.2' to 5.3
have the same problem.
Initial build  machines with 5.3  don't have this problem. 

Who can help me

Met vriendelijke groet/With kind regards,

Rob Morrien
EDS, an HP company
ABN AMRO account IE NL
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1186 MJ Amstelveen
The Netherlands
Tel:    +31 887 503052
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E-mail: rob.morrien at eds.com
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