[CentOS] using Linux as a NAS / SAN device

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Aug 28 23:54:24 UTC 2009

on 8-27-2009 3:12 PM Rudi Ahlers spake the following:
> Hi,
> I'm looking at using Linux as a NAS / SAN device, and would like some
> input from other's who have done this before?
> How would it compare to commercial SAN devices, Thecus N8800SAS
> (http://www.thecus.com/products_over.php?cid=11&pid=177&set_language=english)
> or something similar to these?
> I would probably use hardware RAID 10, and could go with either SAS /
> SATA, and then probably offer iSCSI, Samba. NFS & rsync.
> In terms of servers hardware, well either Tyan / SuperMicro / Intel /
> Dell would be fine as well. But, my question is rather from a linux
> point of view, how would Linux compare to dedicated NAS devices, in
> terms of the OS managing the device?
Have you looked at the openfiler project? Runs on linux, and has fancy web

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