[CentOS] looking for RAID 1+0 setup instructions?

Rudi Ahlers rudiahlers at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 19:25:15 UTC 2009

On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 9:10 PM, Jerry Franz<jfranz at freerun.com> wrote:
> Rudi Ahlers wrote:
>> Hi Oliver,
>> It's not the same thing :)
>> Although they work, and do the same, the installer CD & mdadm needs to
>> support it. The specific appliance that I want to install, doesn't
>> support RAID 10, so I need to install RAID 1 + RAID 0, i.e. setting 2x
>> RAID 1 mirrors, and then stripe then in RAID0 - but once the first 1
>> mirrors are setup, I can't stripe them.
>> I've seen people use LVM to add them to one volume, but the installer
>> doesn't see to like that either
> Hmmm... 'specific appliance'.
> This doesn't sound like you are installing CentOS. This makes it
> *really* hard for us to help you since we have absolutely no idea what
> you are actually doing. ;)
> A) What are you actually doing?
> B) Do you have to have RAID10 during install or is it sufficient that
> you can build a data 'drive' after install?
> --
> Benjamin Franz
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heh, I was a bit hesitant to say what it is, but it's fine I guess -
seeing as my previous post dealt on the matter of NAS devices :)

I'm installing Openfiler 2.3, which looks very very similar to the
CentOS installer. My reason for RAID 1+0 (like I said it doesn't
support RAID10) is for the higher level of redundancy & speed, and I
would like to utilize the drives to their max,

I've setup the /boot on sda1 & sdc1 (100MB each) on RAID 1, and then
configured sda2, sdb2, sdc2, sdd2 as 4GB swap each (no RAID), then the
remainder on sda3, sdb3, sdc3 & sdd3 as 2x RAID 1 mirrors - i.e. sda3
& sdc3 on /dev/md2 & sdb3 & sdd3 on /dev/md3.

Yet, I can't create another RAID, i.e. /dev/md4 of md2 & md3 combined,
nor can I tell the LVM setup to span md2 & md3 into the same volume.
So, now I'm stuck.

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