[CentOS] A couple questions about Wine

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Mon Aug 31 02:28:42 UTC 2009

Ron Blizzard wrote:
> VirtualBox works great but, since I only really use one Windows
> program (an older, specialized word processor called Movie Magic
> Screenwriter), I'm thinking of using Wine to run it in CentOS and
> getting rid of the Windows virtual machine. But a couple questions:
> 1) If I run Wine, do I introduce security or performance issues?
Security...no...performance...is that with regards to the rest of the os 
or the program or in comparison with having Windows in a sandbox like 

> 2) Is there any difference between Michael Harris' Wine repository and
> the ones available through... wherever yum is picking it up? (Actually
> it looks like it has two or three versions listed.)

No comment there but if you run/install anything above wine 1.0 it 
should be that best deal you can get for running Windows programs under 

> Thanks for any recommendations. I like VirtualBox, but it seems like overkill.

If the program runs under Wine, then yeah...overkill.

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