[CentOS] best practises for avoiding to write passwords in shell scripts (example sqlplus from Oracle)

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Dec 1 22:01:08 UTC 2009

Sven Aluoor wrote:
> Hi folks
> I have here a CentOS box where i need to setup cronjob (with session
> to remote Oracle instance). On the remote DB i have no access, expect
> limited user.
> How to avoid putting passwords in shell scripts?
> The solution doesn't need to be perfect, only better than plain text
> passwords in scripts.
> Mostly remote host only support password authentication (no
> certificates and so on).

postgresql supports a .pgpasswd file in the users home directory thats 
permission 600, so only the owner can access it.    
Maybe Oracle has something similar?

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