[CentOS] LDAP for central authentication?

Alan McKay alan.mckay at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 19:25:45 UTC 2009

> In your case, you should look at samba with the LDAP backend. This will allow
> all data to be in LDAP for the non-Windows boxes, and the Windows clients
> would treat it as an NT4 styled domain.

OK, I'm just really new at Centos-DS, but it looks to me like it will
simplify this task for you.  I just finally got it set up, and
authentication working for Linux SSH login, as well as Apache.  This
is all really easy stuff, now that I know how to do it.  Even if it
did take me a week or more to figure out how to get here :-)

But in browsing around inn the Centos-DS admin tool, it seems to have
a whole whack of NT Domain stuff built in.   And I see HOWTOs out
there for Samba.

You should join the 389-ds mailing list.

I have not yet jumped into any of the NT stuff, but I'll be going there soon.


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