[CentOS] CentOS/RHEL's build of firefox hardwired to evolution -- how to change this

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Fri Dec 4 21:52:16 UTC 2009

For some awful reason (can someone explain why?), the RHEL/CentOS build
of firefox is hardwired to use evolution as its mailto client.  With FF
2.<mumble> this was fixable with an about:config setting.  With
3.0.<mumble>, it seems not.  What is the proper way of fixing this?

*I* ended up doing a 'sudo rpm -e evolution' and then doing a 
'sudo ln -s <myfirefoxmailtohandler> /usr/bin/evolution'.  This is a
truely ugly/bad solution, but it is the only one I know of. Please tell
be of a better solution.  (Hopefully not one that requires me to
download the firefox SRPM and hacking the .spec file -- re-building building
firefox from sources is non-trivial -- I'd *rather* drop random symlinks
into /usr/bin, bad as that is.)

*I'm* tempted to report this as a serious *bug* (I really consider it so).

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