[CentOS] Is ext4 safe for a production server?

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at riscworks.net
Sat Dec 5 15:57:52 UTC 2009

thus Chan Chung Hang Christopher spake:
> Miguel Medalha wrote:
>> I am about to install a new server running CentOS 5.4. The server will 
>> contain pretty critical data that we can't afford to corrupt.
>> I would like to benefit from the extra speed and features of a ext4 
>> filesystem but I don't have any experience with it.
>> Is there some member of the list who can enlighten me on whether ext4 is 
>> mature enough to be used on a production server without too much risk?
> Some people have encountered data loss issues on Ubuntu (quite some time 
> back and nothing reported recently) and ext4 support is not yet official 
> in Centos5/RHEL5.


mentioned data loss issue was patched/a workaround applied [0], however,
this is not a real problem here since RHEL/CentOS does not support ext4
officially yet.

For enterprise environments my favorite FS is XFS, YMMV, though.



[0] --

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