[CentOS] centos vs rhel vs scientific linux

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Mon Dec 7 09:52:51 UTC 2009

  i'm prepping to teach a 5-day intro class in linux starting in about
3 hours, and the courseware is clearly designed around RHEL
(apparently 5.1).  but since i'm not being provided with RHEL DVDs,
i'm just going to hand everyone a centos 5.4 DVD and take it from

  as part of the intro, i want to briefly discuss the varieties of
linux related to RHEL, so obviously i want to mention what centos is
all about.  in a nutshell, it's simply RHEL with any RH-proprietary
branding removed, yes?  what's the simplest way to sum up the
difference in a sentence or two?

  and i've never used SL but, again as i understand it, it's also RHEL
unbranded but, IIRC, SL is more open to producing updates, whereas
centos is rigourous about tracking the corresponding RHEL version.

  does that sound about right?


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