[CentOS] Linux router with CentOS

Alvaro Schneider Guevara alvaro.schneider at iguanae.com
Thu Dec 10 00:39:51 UTC 2009

Hello everybody.

I'm wondering here if is it possible to setup a CentOS machine as a router
for two Internet connections in a LAN. This _router_ would work as the
gateway for the workstations using DHCPD. The purpose of this is to optimize
the broadband "joining" both connections, and given the case, do not lose
the Internet access.

¿is this possible? ¿too much complicated?

Searching the Net i found something simliar:
http://linux-ip.net/html/adv-multi-internet.html but, I would like to read a
second opinion.

Thank you very much. Cheers.
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