[CentOS] poweredge 1950 hangs at starting udev

Ryan Pugatch rpug at tripadvisor.com
Thu Dec 10 18:05:26 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have a PowerEdge 1950 that was acting weird.  Network connectivity was 
only performing at a quarter of what was expected (if that).  Even if I 
scp'd something to localhost it would perform poorly.  Rather than fight 
with it, I just decided to reload it.  It was running 5.3, and it is now 
running 5.4.  However, when I go to boot it gets stuck at starting udev. 
  If I let it sit long enough it will then give me errors with something 
along the lines of:
	Dazed and confused, but trying to continue
	Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 00
	Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?

Wondering if anyone has an idea..



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