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Ausmus, Matt mausmus at chapman.edu
Thu Dec 10 18:39:45 UTC 2009

I don't know why I haven't signed up for this list before since we use
CentOS all over the place.  The list is very useful and it is good for
me to participate and "give back" to the community.


Anywho, I wanted to post this response to a thread that was created back
in November 2008 about the ntop daemon failing to start.  I'm currently
setting up ntop as a NetFlow & SFlow collector and came across the
issue.  A quick refresher, the init script for ntop has an issue where
it can't parse the ntop.conf file correctly if switches are entered
before the "@/etc/ntop.conf".  The suggested work around was to move the
"-d -L" switches from in front of the "@/etc/ntop.conf" and put them
behind it.  This is definitely the fix.  There is a caveat to that and I
haven't found anyone that has mentioned it so I thought I would.
According to the documentation, if you add the switches after the
"@/etc/ntop.conf" those will override the configurations in the
ntop.conf file.  While this isn't an issue with the "-d" option, if you
decide to use a custom syslog level and add it to the conf file, the
"-L" switch after the conf file will override your custom log facility.
In my init file I left the "-d" but removed the "-L" expecting me to put
my own syslog entry in the conf file.



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