[CentOS] Firewall for virtual machines

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Dec 13 17:45:20 UTC 2009

mark wrote:
> Huh? I've *NEVER* heard great things about WinDoze firewall, and the std. from 
> the fairly heavy duty folks I know who support WinDoze is that the std for 
> non-commercial is ZoneAlarm.

I'm not sure what WinDoze is, sounds like a new sleeping aid.

Pretty much everyone I know who commercially supports Microsoft Windows 
users can't stand ZoneAlarm, its constant yammering about meaningless 
things is just annoying, and end users either end up shutting it off, or 
click the wrong button and then can't figure out why their programs 
aren't working.   As of XP SP2 and later, the integral Windows Firewall 
works just fine.   It blocks all inbound unsolicited traffic and it 
doesn't interfere with the software already running on your computer.   
Its fully configurable by group policies for domain managed sites.

But, this is -far- off topic for a CentOS list.

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