[CentOS] Empty /var/log/messages

Larry Brower larry-lists at maxqe.com
Mon Dec 14 01:57:10 UTC 2009

onay wrote:
> Hi all,
> I don't know if anybody already ask this question. Sorry if I repost
> it again. I googling already, but don't find any clue.
> I'm using centos 5.3, but why the /var/log/messages is empty. Even the
> sylogd daemon is run.
> Me already compare /etc/syslog.conf with another centos machine. The
> /etc/syslog.conf is same.
> Anybody know what happen?
> Many thanks.

have you checked permissions / ownership of /var /var/log and 
/var/log/messages ?
Have you tried restarting syslogd?
Is there anything in dmesg ?

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