[CentOS] Firewall for virtual machines

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Mon Dec 14 13:30:41 UTC 2009

John Doe wrote:
> From: mark <m.roth at 5-cent.us>
>> Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>>> Mhr wrote on Fri, 11 Dec 2009 13:50:27 -0800:
>>>> would it be a bad idea (or a complete waste)
>>>> to use a firewall, like ZoneAlarm, on my Windows guest OS?
>>> Yes, using ZA is a bad idea. XP has its own firewall which is enabled by 
>>> default if you are patched up-to-date. Keep that on.
>> Huh? I've *NEVER* heard great things about WinDoze firewall, and the std. from 
>> the fairly heavy duty folks I know who support WinDoze is that the std for 
>> non-commercial is ZoneAlarm.
> Personaly, I use ZoneAlarm 'mainly' for the outbound blocking.
> I like to know (and allow/disalow) when an application tries to phone home...
> JD
Personally, I have had Zone Alarm mess up it's ACL a few times and block 
applications in it's allow list. I normally firewall else where & use 
Windows Firewall for internal stuff, the Windows Firewall in Windows7 
supports an ACL for inbound and outbound rules.


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