[CentOS] Home LAN server - dnsmasq

M. Milanuk memilanuk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 05:16:35 UTC 2009

A minor update for anyone still watching ;)

>> You can do it by adding "send host-name<insert hostname here>" to the
>> dhclient.conf.
> I'll dig around a bit on the clients and see if I can figure it out; if
> not I can always ask on the respective lists for specifics on each.

That worked fairly painlessly on the Debian client... but F12 is still a 
thorn in my side.

>> Alternatively, you can just assign the static IP using the client MAC in the
>> dnsmasq.conf.  You will have the MAC from the dnsmasq logs so you can just
>> copy and paste.

For now thats what I'm having to do.  Apparently everyone on Fedora is 
busy using Network Manager (gui tool that invades/usurps the traditional 
networking config files), and no one knows where the dang config file 
went to.  In Ubuntu 9.10 Network Manager worked fine (there is a spot to 
enter the host name when requesting a dhcp lease), but in F12 its not. 
But nobody wants to hear *that*...

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