[CentOS] OT: GNOME Panel Menu - Notification Area 2.16.1- operator error

Lanny Marcus lmmailinglists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 12:53:25 UTC 2009

Apparently I clicked wrong this morning and now instead of the menu
(panel) with "Applications, Places, System", etc. being on the right
side of my screen, it is in the middle of the screen, vertically, from
the top. When I click in a vacant place in that menu, the "Properties"
option is no longer there, but I was able to get into "Properties"
(not sure how I was able to do that) and it still shows that the menu
should be on the Right side of my screen.  I restarted the box, but
still have this minor, but annoying problem. This is a CentOS 5.4 (32
bit) Desktop.  How can I get this GNOME Panel Menu back on the right
side of the screen?

TIA! Lanny
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