[CentOS] Problems with nss_ldap - where to start?

Peter Serwe peter.serwe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 19:24:23 UTC 2009

I've been unsuccessfully trying to get nss_ldap to work.  I've chased down
hundreds of google searches over the last 3 days, and I can't seem to get a
centos system to authenticate against ldap.

Every daemon on the system is running into the same problem:

nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server - Server is unavailable

sshd, nscd, httpd, you name it..

slapd is clearly running, telnet localhost 389 actually connects me to it.

I've run authconfig, /etc/sysconfig/authconfig agrees.

I'm at a complete and utter loss.  I've followed every how-to out there, RH,
Openldap, Debian, FreeBSD  I can verify ldap is working, I can't seem to get
any PAM applications to use it.

Peter Serwe
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