[CentOS] Silly question x64 vs i386

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Wed Dec 16 20:01:35 UTC 2009

Scot P. Floess wrote:
> I have a really silly question... but just want to ask...
> I have one box on my home network that is x86_64 capable...  My other
> boxes are all i386.  As this x86_64 machine can, at most, house 4 GB of
> RAM (currently only has 1 GB) - is there any advantage to my running
> x86_64 on that machine instead of i386...  Long story as to why I am
> asking - but before I go off and moveit down to i386 - just wanted some
> opinions :)

Really depends on what you are going to use it for, my own home system
is 3GB and runs i386 mainly for software compatibility reasons, my
co-located server runs i386 with 6GB ram mainly because VMware doesn't
support 64-bit mode on the older Xeons I have, so not a big point for
me to go 64-bit(and memory usage is quite low anyways).

Myself I make it a point when dealing with VMs at least to make them
32-bit unless they need a lot of memory, then I make them 64-bit. On
any modern host I have they are all 64-bit, and typically have
a minimum of 16-32GB of ram, so one would have to go to the nuthouse
to run 32-bit on 16+GB of ram these days..my own cut off point, line
in the sand for 32-64bit is 8GB. But certainly there are cases that
you want 64-bit for even a system running 3GB(such as running a
DB or VM process that uses a lot of memory).

I would say stick to whatever your using now if it works, if the
rest of your network is i386 and that one box is i386, and you
could move it to x86_64, I would leave it at i386 myself.


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