[CentOS] Silly question x64 vs i386

Marko Vojinovic vvmarko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 17 00:22:41 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 16 December 2009 23:51:43 Jake Shipton wrote:
> On 16/12/09 23:37, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> > On Wednesday 16 December 2009 21:52:05 Jake Shipton wrote:
> >> Any machine I have that can run in x86_64, I normally install a x86_64
> >> OS, and recently,
> >> I haven't found anything I need that is only i686.
> >
> > Skype?
> I knew someone would find something that isn't 64-bit, in fact, I was
> waiting for it. :-p
> But, after a quick Google search, it's possible to run Skype on x86_64.
> ;) just install the i686 libs,

Yes, 86 of them, or so... (count is from Fedora 12, don't have CentOS handy 
here atm.) They  seem to be the only thing that pollutes my nice&clean 64bit 
environment. ;-)

> job done (apparently) :-)

Sure, that's how I have it running now. :-)

> PS: Seemingly, Your "Reply-To" makes my email client want to reply to
> you only (Which I put back to CentOS instead) may cause others to also.
> Just letting you know :-)

Well, I usually send mail from one mail account and receive it on another, so 
I have set Reply-To header accordingly. Don't know how different clients behave 
when replying, though, but I didn't have any problems so far. :-)

Best, :-)

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