[CentOS] Security advice, please

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 18 18:56:28 UTC 2009

On Friday 18 December 2009 16:55:04 nate wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > do the trick, and I simply didn't know what else to try.  In case I meet
> > this
> > again, can you please advise me?
> Are you doing anything with NFS? If not then turn off the nfs service,
> and the rpc services
> [root at dc1-rhel5-32build001:~]# chkconfig --list | grep "\(nfs\|rpc\)"
> nfs            	0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
> nfslock        	0:off	1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on	6:off
> rpcgssd        	0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
> rpcidmapd      	0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
> rpcsvcgssd     	0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
> If you are using NFS, then stop using it before restarting the
> services.
Thanks, all of you.  Yes, I have some directories exported, with folderviews 
on my laptop to give quick access to them.

I'll check out /etc/sysconfig/nfs as Rob suggested, too.  It's the first time 
I've seen this, but it would be sensible to avoid the problem.

Thanks again

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