[CentOS] mountd and statd at specific ports - nfs firewall

Christoph Neuhaus nihil14 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 22:38:59 UTC 2009


> I see that statd and mountd start at random port. Is there any way to
> force it to start at specific port each time. The '-p ' option would
> work, but how do I configure it to start at specific port number each
> time. I mean where do statd and mountd look for default configuration
> options? Any clues?

look into the init scripts /etc/init.d/nfs (for mountd) and  
/etc/init.d/nfslock (for statd). Both scripts source the file  
/etc/sysconfig/nfs. There you can set the variables MOUNTD_PORT and  
STATD_PORT (among others).


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