[CentOS] Optimizing CentOS for gigabit firewall

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Sat Dec 19 06:49:00 UTC 2009

 The syntax is not a problem. The problem is in the performance. I suppose that if I configure OpenBSD to process the in/out packets only to layer 2 the performance will be much more than linux with iptables. 

 >>  I don't know jack about IPSet, but I know enabling or disabling hosts in
 >>  bare stock PF without the gui in front of it is about as easy as it gets.
 >IPTALES is the same;
 >iptables -A [INPUT/FORWARD] -d  -j [REJECT/DROP]
 >>  The PF configuration file syntax was designed from the ground up to be
 >> sane, unlike iptables, which typically needs some decent sysadmin scripting
 >> or using fwbuilder to make any good sense of.
 >I beg to differ here.  IPTABLES is not that hard when you understand it.  Like 
 >anything else, once you know what you are doing it isn't that hard.  And no, 
 >I have never used any GUI program to configure my firewalls.
 >> There is no finer opensource firewall product on the market, in terms of 
 >> performance, ease of  configuration and use, and other issues.
 >This is all subjective to the user.  I would say that PF is a nightmare and 
 >IPTABLES is easier to use.
 >>  If you're not opposed to vi, for what you're looking to accomplish, moving
 >>  to BSD and pf is a no-brainer.  PF can definitely handle a list of 500
 >> hosts and anything else you've mentioned.  It's absolutely capable, easier,
 >> and in general, for anything that involves packet filtering at all, about
 >> as good as it gets.
 >Again this is all subjective to the user.
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