[CentOS] Cannot see samba in win Neighborhood

Matias Morawicki matiasmorawicki at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 00:49:39 UTC 2009

Hello u all, sorry to bring this issue back again, but I´ve been
searching and trying all the advices suggested in previous posts and I
still can´t see the samba server in the win network neighborhood.

I can see the samba shares from win via net view \\servername

but if I issue a plain "net view" samba won´t show up. only the win
machines, the same i can see on the Neighborhood...

and when I select local master = no  Samba would stay without master!
I issue smbclient -L servername -U% and the master section remains empty.

It´s like samba is not being able to "talk" to the rest of the
workgroup. (of course they are all in the same workgroup)

I´m using "wins support = yes" and I´ve set the DHCP to set the clients to
use the samba server as wins server.I´ve checked the win clients and they
get the correct conf.

I´ve tried stopping iptables, disabling Selinux, different smb.conf from the
examples of t first chapters of samba by example,  to plenty of
options... that´s why I´m not including my smb.conf, because I´ve
tried many variations, always with the same results.
I tried a basic samba configuration in a ubuntu server in another box just
to test, anf the win clients were able to see it in the neigbohood... so I
guess the issue is on my Centos box. I tried the same smb.conf from that
working ubuntu-samba and didn´t make it on the Centos...

Btw, the server is a Centos 5.3, with samba 3.2.15 (it also happened
with the default samba, so I´ve upgraded just in case...)

I hope someone can point me some directions...

thanks in advance!!

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