[CentOS] Cannot see samba in win Neighborhood

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Mon Dec 21 16:37:46 UTC 2009

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> >It´s like samba is not being able to "talk" to the rest of the
> >workgroup. (of course they are all in the same workgroup)
> >
> >I´m using "wins support = yes" and I´ve set the DHCP to set the clients
> to use the samba server as wins server.I´ve checked the win clients and
> they get the correct conf.
> Unless you have pre w2k clients, disable Wins, Win2k uses DNS or Netbios
> res.
> What you are experiencing is a lag in the population of the master
> browser, you
> need patience. You could setup up dyn dns for the Samba server and win
> clients
> as well...
> You set local master = no, so what / who is the master browser? Do you
> have any
> win servers?
> Setup Sambas as per the example, then go away and grab a coffee... It
> takes ~15 mins...

Set Samba as the master Browser.  You may have to bump the number up for it.
Then service smb reload.  Then restart the Windows clients (lots faster).
All you really need to access the server is \\server_name\machine_share\
then map the Network Drive to it.  I have seen some win clients that just
would not enumerate shares though.


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