[CentOS] Monitoring Dynamic IPs using Some network monitoring tool

Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 08:23:52 UTC 2009

Thanks for the reply

2009/12/21 Juan Carlos Díaz Fernández <juan.carlos.diaz at ign-solutions.com>:
> Or maybe implementing dyndns if you can

This sounds very interesting and it seems GNUDIP is one such. but it
seems too dated.

it is possible for me to run a dyndns service on a static IP. but can
you provide a bit more of gory details about where is it available for
centos, and the such.

Yes I am using our friend goole while I am typing this for finding some answer

Alternatively, it there a possibility of installing some agent and
getting the MAC address of one of the server behind the router. First
a diagram

central location (main monitoring -- Centos box0+monitoring server)
+--link1adsl-- Remote1 (dynamic IP)
+--link2adsl-- Remote2 (dynamic IP)
(and so on...)

In each remote I have a centos box behind the router serving a bunch
of desktops.

Is there a possibility that I can install an agent which will contact
the central montoring server? (No $$$ here please, as free as in free
beer/bread applies in addition to freedom)

BTW it seems there are two type of monitoring tools:
Type-1. uses snmp only
Type-2. user agents

Is it possible to monitor a link based on the MAC of the centos server
sitting behind?

Zabbix seems to be priced

Honestly I am absolutely confused as to which I should choose as it
will be maintained by people who may not know what command line is

Apologies for too many questions.

I think somebody mentioned NMS to be complex beasts .. I being a
vegetarian am finding it all the more daunting

Thanks in advance


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