[CentOS] Sparc?

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at riscworks.net
Tue Dec 29 22:21:36 UTC 2009

On 12/29/2009 11:13 PM, Slack-Moehrle wrote:
> My 12 year old wants to learn more about servers and has memorized a
> lot of commands like ls, chmod, du, etc. He wants to have his own
> domain and server on the web and I have enough Static IP's, so why
> not foster this interest.

Hi Jason,

> I have an old ultra sparc 5. Are there any CentOS versions that
> support Sparc?

IIRC there was CentOS 4.6, but I'm not sure. Is it a 'Sun Ultra 5' or a
'SPARCstation 5'?

> Or recommendations? I know OpenBSD does,

Yes, and it does it perfectly.

> but I am more versed in
> Solaris and versions like Slackware or CentOS or Ubuntu.

Solaris support will end with Solaris 9, maybe you can tweak it to run
Solaris 10, but I'm not sure. I had an Ultra 10/440 some years ago, I
think I remember that there were issues back then.

> He also says that ZFS rules all

Yap, it's nice. If he wants ZFS and maybe wants to become a great
hacker, he may want to have a look at FreeBSD for sparc64; it's not a
first tier architecture, so there maybe some adventures during
installation/use, but it could be worth a try... ;)

> and is pissed Apple did not adopt it.

Nah, they didn't need it for their iPods. Or do they still build
computers (or, 'Mac'-labeled PeeCee hardware)? SCNR.

> Kids will be kids!
> -Jason



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