[CentOS] [OT] CAT5 IP-capable rackmount KVM units?

Drew drew.kay at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 18:41:22 UTC 2009

> That may be true for the solution you know but certainly it is not true
> for many solutions out there. Look for "KVM over IP".
> As a quick example, see this page:
> http://www.lindy-usa.com/kvm/extenders-listed-by-features/kvm-over-ip/


What you're referring to is accessing the KVM box itself via IP, which
the Aten does allow. What Aten *also* does is use CAT5 cable to link
the KVM switch to various adapters which plug into the server(s). It's
the signalling on those lines that Brian was referring to, not
remotely accessing the KVM itself.


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