[CentOS] Image conversion with ImageMagick doesn't work on CentOS, but it works fine on Debian Lenny.

Wed Dec 16 23:16:00 UTC 2009
Peter Serwe <peter.serwe at gmail.com>

I recently came across the need to convert jpg images with IM, did a
standard install of "yum -y install ImageMagick" and found that
images converted with CentOS's base port of IM would actually corrupt the
images, yet using the same (albiet different version, different distro)
didn't corrupt the images at all.

By corrupted, I mean, the bottom portion of the image under *some*
webservers looked completely wrong, and had strange checkering of the image
in stripes across the bottom.

At the time I had this problem, I took the issue to IM's forum, to no
avail.  I ended up just using it on a Debian machine instead.


Peter Serwe
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