[CentOS] Solaris10 forum

Mon Dec 14 16:58:39 UTC 2009
Ray Van Dolson <rayvd at bludgeon.org>

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 08:54:52AM -0800, Rick Philbrick wrote:
> Hi all-
> Usually i call out on this list for help on the CentOS matters but today I
> am fishing around trying to find an active forum for Solaris.
> It's hard to match the community here but I'd like to find the Solaris list
> where the most people are.
> Just having trouble configuring multipathing on QLogic iSCSI HBA's on
> Sparc_Solaris10.

You want the official Sun Forums[1] or Sun Managers[2].

Sun Managers is probably your best bet, but keep in mind it's a
slightly different format than most mailing lists these days.  It
harkens back to a time when people got their email via expensive
dial-up and so replies will all come to you directly and you're
expected to post a summary with your solution at the end.

Lotsa very knowledgeable subscribers though.

(You may receive a few flames for posting questions that can be
answered via Sun Support or other channels)


[1] http://forums.sun.com/index.jspa?tab=solaris
[2] http://www.sunmanagers.org/