[CentOS] LVM, usb drives, Active Directory

Wed Dec 16 00:39:33 UTC 2009
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Scott Ehrlich wrote:

> What are my best options?

The mere thought of doing what your tasked with doing makes me
want to drink a lot of hard alcohol.

As another poster noted get a more proper storage system. If it
were me I would just hook the drives to one of the existing
windows servers and use dynamic partitions to do the same
thing, when a disk fails and they lose some/most/all of their
data at least they won't be able to point the finger at linux


There are plenty of low cost off the shelf NAS solutions, I
don't have experience with any of them personally, but would
absolutely positively never implement what your being tasked
with. That client would not be worth keeping as they are
obviously a @#$ idiot.